Double Glazed Glass Units /

A variety of DGUs supplied to the Hull, and Yorkshire area...

Double Glazed Glass Units (DGUS)

Manufacture of double glazed glass units all toughened tempered glass and laminated up to 19 mm. single toughened laminated glasses... Patterned Georgian and leaded Glass units.

Double Glazed Units

Planitherm low emission glass units the ultimate in energy saving and winter comfort and UV protection

Planitherm total plus + offers up to three times more insulation than standard double glazing eliminates cold areas around the windows reduced condensation on the inner pane and ensures all building regulations manufacturing to document L , U values 1.2 W/M2K

We also manufacture acoustic glass units to bring decibel sound down within commercial and residential buildings.

The Standip silence glass units is an acoustic laminated glass which noticeably reduces noise whilst offering safety and security of laminated glass it presents an ideal compliment to the Plamitherm Total plus for areas what want comfort and noise reduction. These glass units are also ideal in conservatory roofs.

We have produced glass units in Hull since 1997 and all our glass units are manufactured to CC kite mark and document L.

We supply to trade commercial builders joiners and the general public in the Hul,l Leeds, Sheffield and Yorkshire areas.

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